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DUO BUDDY HV1 - Harmony processor

€ 109,00
Acquista DUO BUDDY HV1 - Harmony processor

Disponibilità: disponibile

Spedizione: immediata dal nostro negozio

Consegna: stimata in 48/72 ore dopo la spedizione, tramite corriere

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The Akai Professional HV1 DuoBuddy Harmony Processor allows you to add natural harmonies to your vocal performances, and other monophonic instruments.
The HV1 employs the same technology used in the powerful HV10 vocal processor but in a compact pedal format.
It can take a monophonic audio signal input and automatically generate a single accompanying harmony.
To assist with this, twelve preset scales are provided that include major, minor, etc, plus nine editable use presets. Intervals for the harmony can be pre-programmed and stored in eighteen programs. On stage, all you need do is hit the footswitches when a harmony is required or to switch programs.
The rear panel includes Mic/Line input/outputs and a separate harmony output channel for external processing.  Features are detailed below.

2 ( original voice + 1 harmony)

Harmony Parameters
    Style (Preset or User)
    Random delay
    Character (Formant)
    Pitch Correction

Range of pitch shift
    +/-1 octave

Number of programs
    18:9 banks x 2 programs (A/B)

    Mic input: XLR
    Line input: 1/4" jack
    Mic output: XLR
    Harmony output: 1/4" jack
    Mix output: 1/4" jack

Mix output- 1/4" jack
    ON/OFF, A, B (controls Bank or Key change)

    Input Level
    Harmony Level

    7-segment LED x
    LED x 3 (Level indicator)
    LED x 3 (footswitches status)

    9V DC in (120mA)

Included  AC adapter


Armonizzatore per voce


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